Ed Brodsky

for State Attorney 12th Judicial Circuit

Welcome Friends and Supporters

My name is Ed Brodsky and I’m running as your Republican candidate for State Attorney.

I hope you’ll join me and my team by voting for me as your next State Attorney in 2012.

I am running for one simple reason: I am deeply passionate and committed to serving you and ensuring you and your families the safety and the quality of life that we all want and expect. And I will expect everyone in the office to share my commitment and passion for justice.      read entire letter

'Top Cop' for the region is now Brodsky's goal

Ed Brodsky says all he ever wanted to be is a cop.
At 46, a cop’s uniform with a shiny badge is probably out of reach, but Brodsky says getting to be “top cop” for the 12th Judicial Circuit will work in a pinch.

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Ed Brodsky runs for 12th Circuit
State Attorney

Lawyer Ed Brodsky officially kicked off his campaign for 12th Circuit State Attorney on Tuesday, saying he is uniquely qualified to be the area's top prosecutor.